Friday, February 19, 2016

February 19,2016

Dear PWS Families,

This has been a great Spirit Week. It started with all of the students showing their PWS pride on Monday and ended with their sports’ team pride today. In between we had students dressed as teachers, wackiness, and some really comfortable pajamas.
It has been a great stretch of school and everyone certainly is looking forward to a well earned vacation. We hope you all have a nice, restful time whether you are travel or sticking around. We can’t wait to see you all return after a week’s rest.

PWS Happenings
Father Daughter Dance
Our father daughter dance is rescheduled for Friday, March 4 from 6:00- 8:00 PM.

Invention Convention 2016
WOW - what can I say?  Congratulations to all Invention Convention participants.  You should all be very proud of the hard work and great projects that you brought here today.  It was clear to all the judges that there was lots of thought and hard work that went into weeks of planning.  It was difficult for the judges to narrow it down, but we have chosen 10 students from Peter Woodbury at New Hampshire’s Young Inventor’s Celebration on March 26th.

3rd Grade Rube Goldberg:  
Ryan Merhalski for Ring the Bell
Emme Gagne and Zoe Censabella for Crack the Egg

3rd Grade Original Invention:     
Melania Alatalo for Arch Pro in a Box

3rd Grade Wheel Challenge:   
Aubrey Byer for The Reading Spot Tire

4th Grade Rube Goldberg:
Ben Flaherty and Seth Hastey for Score a Soccer Goal

4th Grade Original Invention:   
Richie Black for The Sled Parking Lot

4th Grade Wheel Challenge:  
Shreya Bharadwaj for Super Storage Wheel
We also have 2 Special Category winners

Solar Category:  
Sai Komma for Go Solar Phone Charger

Technology Category:  
Maggie Foxx for KidCode

From the Art Room
Congratulations to the following students whose work is displayed in the district office:
Mishka Allam
Seth Hastey
Francesca Baldi
Shannen Holohan
Fiona Baroody
Melissa Khromets
Ashley Bergeron
Madeline LaCroix
Shreya Bharadwaj
Ellie Ludwig
Michael Biscornet
Grace Macken
Richie Black
Libby Norris
Nick Boucher
Lauren Pelletier
Ryan Burke
Lauren Redfern
Madison Burnett
Evelyn Rubin
Kristen Caldwell
Ayeza Shah
John Caparso
Gianna Shaheen
Megan Carroll
Faye Shaughnessy
Livia Cheney
Shruthi Sriram
Griffen Clang
Varna Star
Abby Dopfer
Grace Steward
Elena Doughty
Skylar Tobin
Sohia Douglas
Emily Twitchell
Jake Fahey
Andrew Upton
Mia Florio
Abhinav Vadali
Patrick Foulis
Nina Villarante
Alex Grudinskas
Cameron Westcott
Toren Harrington
Alexis Wilczewski

Community Info
Bedford ​School District Vote on Tuesday March 8 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
All voters in Bedford are urged to vote on Tuesday, March 8 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m
​at the Bedford High School gymnasium​
.  These are the key issues to be decided:
  • OPERATING BUDGET: The proposed operating budget is $68.3M, a 3.9% increase over this year. The increase is primarily due to personnel, health insurance benefits, and significant building maintenance.  If the proposed budget is voted down, the default budget would be $2.3M lower.  
  • SIDEWALK: There is separate article to fund the construction of a sidewalk along Nashua Road from the Bedford High School lower parking lot to the Department of Public Works parking lot. The cost would be $234,000.
  • CAPITAL RESERVES: There are two separate articles about our unused capital reserve funds.  One article would discontinue them.  The other would re-purpose those same funds for a building maintenance reserve. The total amount as of June 30, 2015 was $478,518. Together these two article would have no tax impact.
  • Additional information​ ​can be found here.​
​The total estimated tax impact of a "yes" vote on all articles would be $0.66 per thousand, which would be an increase of $198 for the year on a a $300,000 home. ​

Upcoming Dates
February 22- 26, 2016 FEBRUARY VACATION

Friday, March 4 Father Daughter Dance 6:00- 8:00 PM

Have a great weekend,

Cheryl Daley Dan Mitchell

Principal Assistant Principal

Friday, February 12, 2016

February 12, 2016

Dear PWS Families,
It was chilly out today!  We have decided that even when it is under 20 degrees (10-19 degrees) we would like to send students out for 10 minutes.  Unfortunately, today's temperature was in the single digits so your children will be coming home tonight with a lot of energy!  Enjoy!

PWS Happenings
3rd Grade Native American Visitation
This was an exciting event for 3rd graders and families.  Students shared what they learned about their region and each group had a presentation to share on the ChromeBooks.  Way to go third graders!

Art Show Volunteers Needed
Mrs. Piantedosi needs volunteers to help make our spring Art Show a success. Please come to the Art room for a 30-minute meeting on Wednesday 2/17 at 2:40 if you would like to help. If you cannot make the meeting, but would like to help, please contact Mrs. Piantedosi at

Spirit Week
Monday 2/15: PWS spirit day. Wear your PWS gear or dress in black and white like our mascot Waddles, the penguin.
Tuesday 2/16: Teacher/Student switch-a-roo. Students can dress like staff members and teachers and staff will dress like students.
Wednesday 2/17: Wacky Wednesday. Style your hair in a new way, wear your clothes mismatched or you have a favorite hat? Be creative!
Thursday 2/18: Pajama Day. Come to school dressed in your comfy clothes. Students will still be going outdoors for recess if the weather allows. No slippers, please.
Friday 2/19: Sports Day. Wear your favorite sports shirt, rec league jersey or dress in your team colors.

Community Info
PTG Monarch Night
Our next PTG Family Night at the Monarchs is coming up on Saturday, March 12th.  Flyers are coming home with your children today or early next week.  Please join us for this exciting evening!

Bedford ​School District Vote
Please do not forget to vote!
Tuesday, March 8 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Bedford High School

Upcoming Dates
Monday, Feb. 15th- Invention Convention  

Wednesday, Feb. 17th- Math/Literacy Night-K-4-5:45 pm

February 22nd-26th- Winter Break

Friday, March 4th- Rescheduled Father/Daughter Dance

Saturday, March 12- Monarchs Night

Have a great weekend,

Cheryl Daley Dan Mitchell

Principal Assistant Principal

Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Dear PWS Families,
Happy Snow Day!  We hope you enjoyed your day with your children.  This week was the 100th day of school.  Below is a list created by Mrs. Stahl’s first grade to celebrate the day.
100 things we learned.JPG
Our top five are:
  1. How to be gracious winners!
  2. Put spaces between words.
  3. Use kind words.
  4. Hug library books.
  5. How be responsible for our things.

PWS Happenings
Father/Daughter Dance
We have rescheduled the Father/Daughter dance for March 4, 2016.  Please tell your daughters they have a while longer to get excited about this special evening!    A special thank you to Jennifer Villarante, Joya Shaheen, and Corinna Doughty (We know there were many other moms that helped with this so thank you to all of you as well!) for all their hard work on this event!

Donations Needed for Family Fun Night
If you have any unused or unwanted legos, we would love to have them or borrow them for family fun night! Just send them in with your child or send them to Mrs. West's room.
Thank you!

Invention Convention
Just a reminder that the Grade 3 (Grade 4-Math Apps/Math Plus)  Invention Convention is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 15th. The schedule/times have been posted on Mrs. Speaker’s website.  Students will also bring home visitation times in hard copy next week.

Community Info
BeBOLD: Bedford Building Our Lives Drug Free.  
An important summit is being held and we encourage you to attend.  This summit is intended to help parents understand and be aware of a NH public health issue.  The face of those who access gateway drugs has changed.  Please join me on Tuesday, March 16th-6:30 PM-McKelvie
We encourage parents, especially of grade 4 students, to attend.

Upcoming Dates
Monday-Feb. 8th-ALL 4th GRADE CLASSES- State House Field Trip

Tuesday-Feb. 9th-No School-Presidential Primary

Friday-Feb. 12th-3rd Grade Visitation-1:30 pm

Monday, Feb. 15th- Invention Convention

Wednesday, Feb. 17th-Math/Literacy Night-K-4-5:45 pm

February 22nd-26th-Winter Break

Friday, March 4th-Rescheduled Father/Daughter Dance

Have a great weekend,

Cheryl Daley Dan Mitchell

Principal Assistant Principal