Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013.

Hello PWS Families,
We have had another great week at school.  As always we want to encourage you to  communicate any concerns or questions you have about your child or the school.  This open communication helps to improve PWS and keep it the community that it is.

Open House
It was a great success!  The police on duty stated that they have never seen that many cars!!!  It was nice to be able to meet and see so many of you. We are so glad you all came and your children got a chance to share what they are learning in their classroom.

We have received feedback about our procedures in the cafeteria.  Starting yesterday, we have two computers set up, for students to give their numbers to, in the lunch line.  This moves the hot lunch line along faster.  In addition, we are going to be in the lunchroom at each lunch to model what the procedures look like.  We did this yesterday and all students had at least 15 minutes to eat.  If you continue to have any concerns we really appreciate you contacting a staff member or administration.

Mission Statement
We recently decided that Peter Woodbury needed a new statement that adequately voiced what it is that we are all about here at Peter Woodbury School. After much consideration, reflection , and thought it was decided that the new statement would be:

"Peter Woodbury School is a community that inspires and develops engaged, successful learners every chance, every day."

The three words we will focus on are community, inspiration and engagement.  We are working with the student council to put a presentation together, for each grade level, to review the mission and what it means.

Box Tops
Today, we went around to give each classroom a box to put Box Tops in:)  Your child will come home with a baggie to put the Box Tops in with the teachers name on it.  Box Tops money will go directly back to the teachers to get materials for their classrooms that students will benefit from.  No donation is too small and every Box Top makes a difference. We want to thank Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hauser for all their dedication to this fundraiser.

Student Directory
The deadline for the PWS student directory was yesterday.  However, if you are still interested in being included in the directory please send in the blue form and we will make sure your child is in it.


Have a great weekend,

Cheryl Daley                Dan Mitchell
Principal                      Assistant Principal

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