Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Memorial Day,

Student Story of the Week
A first grade student was talking to his teacher about how he going to after school everyday this week.  Then he paused looked up at her and said, "Do they have after school in high school and college?"  

We hope you all have a wonderful long weekend with your family.  PWS students and staff are continuing to be active learners as we move into the month of June.  At the workshop day on Friday teachers reviewed current progress of their students and participated in professional dialogue about best practices to continue moving student learning.  The school seemed quiet without all the little voices and the pitter patter of kids feet.  We look forward to their return on Tuesday.

Diversity Day 
We had a fourth grade Diversity Day this week where parents, with a variety of ethnic backgrounds, came in to talk about traditions, clothing and food from their respective countries.  Each fourth grade class participated in five rotations with each student having a passport to be stamped at the end.  The end of the day activity was students listening to stories about the different countries. 

NWEA Testing
Second through fourth grade students have been participating in NWEA testing this month.  Students take this adaptive test in Math and Reading.  Please help us by making sure your child has a healthy breakfast and gets plenty of sleep. 

Don't forget Mrs. Daley is being slimed next week, May 29th, at the All School Meeting.  The fourth grade chorus will first perform for the school then let the SLIMING begin!  All are welcome to attend.

Oh do not worry Mr. Mitchell has his chance to be part of the fun as well.  He is getting his beard shaved on June 13th at the end of the All School Meeting.  All are welcome to attend this as well.

Help Needed: Homework Club
Homework Club is an opportunity for 3rd and 4th graders to complete their homework in a quiet atmosphere.  It is two days a week for 45 minutes (2:30-3:15).  We encourage students to complete homework independently but adults are needed to supervise.  The number of students that attend is typically 15-20. Two adults work well running this club.

Help Needed: Garden Club
There are three, 4-5 week, Garden Club sessions (one Fall and two Spring) which run one day a week from 2:30-4:00.  We would need the help for a minimum of 12 weeks with 25 students each session.  There is flexibility with the day that is chosen.  There would be direction on what to do with the students during this time.  If you have ever enjoyed the experience and excitement of a child finding a bug outside then this job is for you.

PWS End of Year Happenings
May 28th-Spring Concert 7:00 PM
June 6th-Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast-9:00 AM
June 12th-Field Day 9:00-11:00 Grade 3/4 12:00-2:00 Grades 1/2
June 17th-4th Grade Cookout-12:30 PM
June 18th-Kindergarten Recognition Day-9:00 AM
June 19th-4th Grade Clap Out-8:45 AM

Wishing you all a sunny, relaxing, fun weekend!

Cheryl Daley             Dan Mitchell
Principal                    Assistant Principal

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