Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

Hello PWS Families,

Happy Halloween!  There was excitement in the air beginning at 7:30 this morning.  We were outside during second grade recess and heard/observed some funny things.  
Some girls were screaming like they had just seen a ghost (clearly it was the excitement for tonight).  Some boys were chasing the girls.  The best part about this was the boys would go over and play soccer in between chasing the girls.  Oh, the girls were chasing the boys as well.  The Kindergarten parade this morning was a huge success.  We saw 10 Elsa's. This afternoon's parade is something we all will remember for a long time.  The students' enthusiasm and excitement for this holiday always make us feel like children again. In addition, some of the parents' enthusiasm is contagious.  

Let’s Get Together, Watch Some Hockey and Support Bedford PTG

What:  Manchester Monarchs Game
When:  Saturday, November 15th 7pm
Where:  Verizon Wireless Center
How:  Send in the order form to school with your child
            Go to and click on the Monarch
Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Peter Woodbury School Store
Opening DayNovember 5, 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians,                                                                 
     We are excited to announce that once again the 4th grade Student Council will operate a school store. The store will be open to students in grades 2-4 every Wednesday from 7:30 am - 8:00 am (morning bus drop off). It will be located in the gym. During indoor recess days the store will be accessible from the gym hallway. Students will request a school store pass from the duty teacher after they have sat with their class and they can come down to the gym to shop. During outdoor drop off days the store will be accessible from the playground gym doors. Students will form a line outside to enter the gymnasium.
            The store will carry a variety of items including pencils, pens, small notebooks, bookmarks, grips, friendship bracelets, and other similar items. Some items will be in our school colors or have our school name. Items in the store will range from $.25-$3.00. Students should not come to the store with any bills larger than $5.00 in order to facilitate making change. Items will vary throughout the school year.
            Funds raised through the store stay right here at our school. In the past, student council has donated money to the library for new books, purchased new playground equipment, helped buy a light box for the art room, purchased plants for our schoolyard and provided money for several school service projects.
            If you have any questions about the school store please do not hesitate to ask. We can be reached by phone 622-0431 or through the e-mails listed below.
Kate Curran         &     Jessica Ferenc                                    
                    Student Council Advisors

"Support our Troops" 
Please read this link about the collection bin that will be in the foyer.  As always we appreciate your cooperation.

Have a great fun filled night!

Cheryl Daley            Dan Mitchell
Principal                   Assistant Principal

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