Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday, December 20, 2014

Dear PWS Families, 

Hello and Happy Friday!  The students and staff are all excited about the holiday vacation.  We hope that you are all staying healthy and happy during this very busy time of year!

On Thursday, the school had a lockdown drill.  We had this drill at 11:00 when grade 2 was in lunch and grade 1 was at recess.  The students in the cafeteria did a great job at sitting quietly.  First grade students outside went to the outdoor classroom.   All other classrooms were locked and dark.  The fire department was here to monitor this drill as well. We are pleased with how well the students responded in this drill. 

Hour of Code
The Hour of Code is an international initiative to spark the desire to learn computer science.  It's a one-hour activity that students of all ages can participate in.  Peter Woodbury participated in this initiative last week and have continued into this week.  Mrs. Cassamassino has visited many classes to introduce coding and computer science to students.  Check out the slideshow of photos and videos below to get a peak at what went on. 

What:   -  Invention Convention - Science Day
When:   -  Monday, February 16
Why:     -  To learn about science, to become inventors, and to have fun!!
Who:     -   All third graders (mandatory)
 Fourth graders who would like to participate (The Invention Convention is mandatory for all fourth grade Math Apps students.)
Choices of projects:

Type of Project
Partners Allowed?
Fun and Great Learning Experience?
Yes, -  up to 2 team
Rube Goldberg
Yes,   1 - 4 team members
Inventor Report
Science Research
 (Science Question)

All projects will be exhibited on the morning of the Convention - February.  All parents are invited to attend from 10:30 - 11:15.  Rube Goldbergs and inventions will be set up in the gym.  Inventor and science research reports will be displayed in the front hallway.

4th Grade International/Diversity Day
Starting today our 4th grade teachers are celebrating International Day. This a time to celebrate students heritage and traditions. Students have worked hard on their country reports and we want to recognize them for their accomplishment. We hope you are able to participate in this event. We went into two classrooms today and the food was fantastic. All the students were excited for us to try their favorite dishes.

Finally, we want to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season and vacation.

Take Care,

Cheryl Daley Dan Mitchell
Principal Assistant Principal

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