Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday, September 4, 2015

Dear PWS Families,
During this week we were able to get around to introduce ourselves to each classroom of students. We gave each class two messages.  The first and one we give every year is that it is our responsibility to make sure that everyone is SAFE at school.  We remind them of the school rules and how to show respect for each other.  Our second message this year was that "It is ok to make mistakes and that is part of learning."  We find that students and adults some times have a difficult time with this.  We are encouraging the students to keep trying when they make a mistake because that is how we all learn.  

We will continue to send out a weekly blog to let you know about upcoming events.  We will highlight the items that need particular attention.  

Lunch Messages
On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we have a lunch message for the students in the dining hall.  We talk about the Zones of Regulation (blue, green, yellow, red, ask your child about it), our school motto:  Community, Inspiration and Engagement, and Executive Functioning (how to stay organized and focused).  These  are great topics to talk to your children about.  Below is an example of a message.

Hello Students,
Do you know what an executive is? An executive is a boss, or a person who is in charge. One of the most important things students learn is how to be their own boss and how to be in charge of themselves. This year we will have weekly messages to help us with this important skill, so be listening for your “I want to be the Boss of me!” message and tool every week.
Keep Learning,
Mrs. Daley and Mr. Mitchell

We only have 30 families left that need to complete their Infosnap information.  Please go to,  click on parents,  then student registration.  Thanks for all your help with this. 

PTG Support Envelopes & Volunteer Forms
The Bedford Parent Teacher Group (PTG) sent your child home with Support Envelopes and Volunteer Forms this week.  If these did not make it to your kitchen counter, please check the backpacks!  Your financial support is appreciated and greatly needed in order to fund the various educational programs provided to the Bedford School District through the Bedford PTG.  Simply complete the front side of the envelope and enclose your tax-deductible contribution.  No contribution is too small nor is it too large!
The on-line (PayPal) system is not available this year.  Our goal is to streamline this process to an on-line program for next year.  Forms are also available on our website at
If you are interested in volunteering at school, please complete the volunteer form and send it back to school with your child.
Returning the support envelopes and volunteer forms by Friday, September 11th will be greatly appreciated.  Let’s all help to make the “P” significant in the Bedford PTG.
Thank you in advance for your support.  Any questions, please contact the Bedford PTG Presidents:
Greg Girard                                                                           Lisa Nash                                                 

School Pictures

This past Wednesday was our school picture day. It was great to see all the students come to school in their finest picture day outfits. If you were absent or unable to get pictures taken on Wednesday, don't worry. Picture retake day will be October 6th.

Dates to Remember:
Open House Tues. Sept. 15th   6:00 pm-7:00 pm Grades K-2
                                                  7:00 pm-8:00 pm Grades 3-4

PTG Coffee with the Principals Fri. Sept. 11   BCTV    9:00 am

Picture Retake Day  Tues. Oct 6th

Have a wonderful, relaxing, fun long weekend.

Mrs. Cheryl Daley          Mr. Dan Mitchell

Principal                         Assistant Principal

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