Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hello PWS Families,

This has been a fun week of celebrating!  There have been PJ days, food festivals, learning about Festival of Lights and how different people celebrate holidays around the world.  When we walked into a first grade classroom today students were reading holiday stories with their fourth grade reading buddies on iPads.  In a Kindergarten classroom, students made binoculars and were looking for dinosaurs.  Two students spotted dinosaurs in the parking lot. Another story is when one second grade student wrote a story how fairy godmothers are not real unless they are Santa's elves.  Finally, a third grade teacher shared a picture of herself as a third grader to her class.  Students asked, "What was it like in the 'olden days'?" and "What was riding a bus like?"  Children are so great!

We want to remind you of a couple important items.  First, we have outdoor recess if it is 20 degrees or higher.  Please make sure your children are bundled up for morning recess.  It is quite difficult for students to put their snow gear on in the snow. :)  Another very important item is morning parent drop off.  This is from 7:30AM to 7:55AM at the side of the building.  If you arrive after that please pull around to the front and walk into the building to sign your child in.  This past week the traffic in the front of the building has been a hazard to children's safety.   We have been standing out there a couple of mornings and watching students walk through cars on slippery pavement.  If there is not a spot available to park in, please pull all the way in to the bus loop to reverse your direction and form a single line of cars so you can walk your child inside.  Reversing direction prior to that point leads to congestion and unsafe situations.  It is important we follow these procedures for the safety of our children!

On a final note, we wish you all a wonderful vacation.  PWS has such a wonderful community and we really appreciate all the well wishes for the holiday!
Take Care,
Mrs. Daley              Mr. Mitchell
Principal                 Assistant Principal

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