Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hello PWS Families,

It has been an exciting week at PWS.  I was watching Kindergarten students each share something interesting with the class in 30 seconds.  If you have a Kindergarten child or have ever had one that likes to talk you know that this task is nearly impossible.  Here are some shares they stated,  "I made a snowman out of marshmallows", "I have a french braid which, means my aunt who did it is french." and "I am going to tell you about all the things I am going to do over vacation."

Thank you for coming to our Math and Literacy Night!  It was great to see so many families participate in this event!

The Invention Convention was on Monday for 3rd grade and some 4th graders.  It was a another event that showed how the work of the students, parents and staff at PWS can make amazing things happen.  I think you would agree in the fact that we have some current and future inventors in our school.

Grade 3 Invention Winners
Maxine More-Loom Tastic Elastic Stand
Madison Papik-Cleaning Critters

Special Category/Sport Safety                             Medical Award
Camden Woods- Hockey Eyes Helper                    Vanessa Chen-Extraoodi Walker

Grade 3 Rube Goldberg-Tie
Virginia Fitzgerald-Hitting All the Notes
Kayla Stoll-Gives a Dog Food and Water

Grade 4 Invention
Cam Ruddock-Sled Magic

Special Category-Sports Safety                           Medical Award
Cam Wilding-The Goalie Guard                            Drew Dickson-Med Buddy

Rube Goldberg
Owen Tranchemontagne and Quinn Hinsley-Ball Throw

 Spelling Bee Winner
Our PWS Winner of the Spelling Bee is Molly Hughes.  She is going to the state spelling bee on March 1st in Concord.  Good luck Molly! 

4th Grade Parents
This year administration and parents are going to try and put together a diversity/cultural day committee of fourth grade parents.  The first committee meeting will be March 5th at 12:00.  Please join us if you are interested in being a part of this.  This year we are going to start off small but plan to make it more of a school wide event in the future.

PTG Shorty's Night
Shorty's Night is March 6th.  If you get dinner or take out, part of the proceeds go to Bedford PTG.
Thanks for continuing to support the PTG.

Family Fun Night
The PWS Family Fun Night is being changed from April 3rd to April 10th.  This will be the same time as the book fair.  It's going to be a fun filled night so please mark your calendars.

Lynn Lyons
Parents, Staff and Community Members Lynn Lyons LICSW, will be coming to McKelvie Intermediate School Cafeteria to have a book talk on 'Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents'.  This will take place on Tuesday, March 18th from 6:30 PM-8:00 PM.  Lynn is great presenter that bring anxiety into perspective.

BHS Visitation
Some Peter Woodbury First graders were lucky to have Bedford High School students read to them in Spanish.  This was a wonderful collaborative event.

Get Away Gear
Just a reminder that we have changed our PWS Wear and Gear sight. The new site is  Prices have been reduced. 

Have a wonderful vacation,
 Cheryl Daley          Dan Mitchell
Principal                Assistant Principal


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