Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016

Dear PWS Families,

Happy Grandparent/Senior Day!  We had a nice visit with our grandparents/seniors filled with learning, happiness and fun.  Our visitors started out in the dining room with a delicious breakfast served by our food service staff.  Then, the grandparents/seniors got to visit our classrooms and participate in learning with their grandchild. Finally, our fourth grade chorus performed. This is one of the best days at PWS.  A special thank you to Samantha Farrow, Jenny Caouette and all of today’s volunteers for their dedication and hard work into making this event so special!

PWS Happenings
Principal Surveys
Surveys, regarding Mrs. Daley, were sent home with students this week. They are due back this Wednesday, May 18th. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will impact the overall experience at Peter Woodbury School.

Community Info
Bus Services
Our transportation provider, STA, is struggling to find enough qualified drivers. When we have new or substitute drivers, a bus route might be slower than normal.  Also, field trips and athletic events may be impacted if drivers are not available. Please be patient with the wonderful bus drivers we do have.  They are doing their best!  
Important Traffic Note
​We​ want to make sure our whole community is aware of a temporary traffic change. This important announcement is from the Bedford Police Department:  Starting Monday, May 16th, and continuing through Friday, May 27th, the intersection at Nashua Road and County Road in front of Bedford High School will become a temporary 4-way stop intersection. In addition, on those same dates, the intersection of Liberty Hill Road and County Road in front of McKelvie School will also become a temporary 4-way stop intersection.  The Bedford Highway Safety Committee has been studying both of these intersections after hearing from you – the community – regarding traffic delays and crashes at both of these intersections.  As a result, the Highway Safety Committee recommended engineering studies of both intersections to explore solutions to both congestion and crashes.  Part of the plan to improve both intersections includes a study of solutions, including 4-way stops.~ As you know, both intersections are currently 2-way stops.  For that two week period, temporary 4-way stop signs and traffic controls will be placed at both of these intersections.  Please review the rules of the road for 4-way stop intersections.  If you have a youth operator in your household that drives to school or frequently transits either of these intersections, please take a few moments to discuss the rules of road when approaching and driving through a 4-way stop intersection.  First and most important – all traffic must come to a complete stop.  This includes traffic that is in a designated right turn only lane which must come to a complete stop before proceeding through the intersection.  Second, the person in the intersection or whoever arrives first at an empty intersection has the right-of-way.  If two or more vehicles arrive at the same time, the vehicle on the right always has the right-of-way.  To learn more about the rules of the road at 4-way stop intersections, go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website at and search for right of way at intersections.I am grateful to the town officials for their work to improve these intersections.  Please drive cautiously as we all adjust to the new pattern.Hall of Fame

New Morning School – Vacation Day Camp
New Morning School’s IMAGINE Program will be open on May 27th in order to accommodate parents during the district’s upcoming Teacher Workshop Day.  For more information, please click on the link below.

Upcoming Dates
Wednesday, May 18th- 4th Grade Chorus 7:00 PM

Wednesday, May 25th - Grade 3 Stone Zoo

Thursday, May 26th-Grade 2-Squam Lake

Friday, May 27th - No School - Workshop Day

Monday, May 30th - No School - Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 31st- PWS Volunteer Breakfast-9:00 am-10:30 am

Monday, June 6th- Grade 4 Flume Trip
             Rain Date:  Wednesday, June 8th
Thursday, June 9th- Field Day-Grades 3 and 4 AM/Grades 1 and 2 PM
              Rain Date:  Friday, June 10th

Monday, June 13th- Grade 4 Cookout 12:00 pm-2:00 pm

Tuesday, June 14th- Kindergarten Graduation-9:00 am-10:30 am

Wednesday, June 15th - Last day for students

Have a great weekend,

Cheryl Daley Dan Mitchell

Principal Assistant Principal

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